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Here are some FAQs on yoga and my practice.


Please feel free to ask me any questions either privately through the contact page or publicly through the comments page.  


What are the benefits of yoga?


Yoga asana (physical practice) increases flexibility, strength, balance, joint health, digestion,  breathing. The study of yoga helps calm the mind, reduces stress, brings mental clarity and awareness.  Warning: Yoga is known to increase self-love and confidence.   


I've never done yoga, what class should I start with?


If you are new to yoga, it is always wise to start with a basics class or an absolute beginner series. If you are working on physical injuries it might be best to start with a gentle yoga class or  restorative class.  I would advise to take 5 to 10 classes before you make any decisions about liking yoga. Give a chance to let your body experience the benefits and then decide how you feel.  


What is your favorite pose?


It's hard to chose just one, however, I tend to love heart opening back bending poses.  They come natural to me, but I also feel that they awaken and open up the whole body.


What is your least favorite pose?


I've always had trouble with forward folds, especially paschimotanasa. However, whatever is our "weakest" point is our greatest asset to keep the mind working towards it. With every uncomfortable pose, there will come a time of sweetness and surrender.


Do you recommend a certain type of yoga?


There is so much yoga out there! Start with some basics classes but explore all forms of yoga and philosophy. Keep expanding the mind and practice and soon your hear will follow.  



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