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Magda grew up with yoga in the family.  During her teens years, she rebelled and strayed away from the practice.  Near the end of college life and the beginning of a new career, the stresses and pressures of daily life drew her back to her practice in search of anxiety relief and guided meditations.  Ever since she went back to her regular practice, she has been able to live a balanced and healthier life style. 


After a few years of a developing a regular practice, Magda was hungry for more spiritual guidance and a deeper connection to her asana practice.  In 2013, Magda completed her first 200 hour RYT Teacher Training with Bhakti Barn Yoga in Millburn, NJ.  She did not expect to become a teacher, however, it quickly came naturally to her and soon she fell in love.  Once she started, she could never look back.  


She enjoys the personal connection cultivated between the student and the teacher.  Learning from her students everyday as much as she guides them.  Magda has been in trained in vinyasa yoga; bringing an energetic, creative, and playful sequence of poses into the classroom.  Most recently, she has discovered the power of alignment and mindfulness in the asana practice.  She strives to create a flowing vinaysa class with the combination of a mindful and safe practice.  Throughout the years, yoga has opened her up to a spiritual connection through chanting and philosophy.  She enjoys bringing in what she learned from others to class.  Magda strives to make each class different, by bringing in the modern playfulness of music and culture with the ancient roots of the yoga philosophy that have worked for thousands of years.  


In addition to the 200 RYTT with Bhakti Barn Yoga, Magda has taken several training workshops to enhance her practice and teaching abilities.  Some of the workshops include Hands on Assists, Yoga for back care and scoliosis, Yoga therapeutics in the classroom.  She is forever grateful to her yoga community, all her friends that came out of it, and her wonderful and dedicated teachers.  Shri Betsy! Shri Lauren!  

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